Multi-channel communication

Multi-channel communication

The VoxMessage platform enables three methods of communication to be combined: automated calls, texts and emails. Maximize the reach of your message.

Reaching a large number of people quickly and effectively can be a complex task, but it is vital in providing high-quality service and rapid follow-up. 

VoxMessage offers you the solution: automated messages. They allow for brief, quick, effective communication that is never intrusive.

Automated calls (IVR)

We make more than one million integrated voice response (IVR) calls each year. Automated calls are ideal for any organization or company seeking to transmit information quickly and easily to its customers, partners, members or employees.

This service enables you to reach thousands of people in just minutes. The cost of the service is low and its effectiveness proven. You can use it to promote a product or service, transmit a general interest or private message, or conduct a personalized follow-up.

Text messages

More and more people are doing away with landlines at home, preferring instead to use just one means of communication that they can take wherever they go. As a result, cell phones are becoming the device of choice.

Text messaging is an effective, fast way to communicate. Our VoxMessage communication platform enables text messages to be sent via all of Canada’s cell phone providers.


Whether via a smart phone or from a desktop computer, emails are a highly effective method to send messages to your customers and partners. 

Emails are as fast, efficient and non-intrusive as text messages. They also allow the information communicated to be personalized and delivered simultaneously to multiple recipients.

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